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29 sht 2009

BC Tour report

It is now a month since we have returned from our first tour "Out West". We had a great time, although it was not without it's touring challenges! We were blessed with the wonderful support of friends and family in the form of accommodation, food, social relief and love. Elda Pinkney was brought to us by Jackson (who loaned us his van for the whole time!) who did some great marketing for us in Vancouver for our run at the Firehall. Yan Li, our pianist was a great! There were many laughs and he was such a great sport - Cuscheon Lake. Our experience in Sidney was fabulous with my sister filling in as stage manager! She did a great job!

Leaving BC behind, the summer ended with a peaceful two show detour in Knowlton Quebec at Theatre Lac Brome. John Gilbert was on keys again, and it gave me chills up and down my spine. An extra show was added Saturday afternoon as tickets were selling like hot cakes! Thanks Nicholas for a wonderful time!

Time to put together the next year....Watch out for the French Premier in Quebec City at Le Petit Champlain in April 2010 and, hopefully a stint in San Fransisco.

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