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27 sht 2008

Heading to Manila!

On Sunday October 4th we take the 27 hour journey to Manila Philippines to perform 4 shows. Gulp! See you at the other end...October 14th....that is if there is not a staged (or real alien) invasion on that day. If so, see you in the next dimension.

A Fundraising Success!

Centaur Theatre in Montreal Quebec celebrated 40 years of English professional theatre last Tuesday (September 23rd 2008) and Piaf: Love Conquers All was honoured to be the entertainment part of the evening. I created a one hour version of the 2 act show and the evening was a success! A standing ovation and two curtain calls. The audience was thrilled and so was the Theatre as it was a Sold Out event at $250 a ticket! This time, on hand, I had the wonderfully musical John Gilbert on piano and Jake Langley assited with calling the light and sound cues. Ms. Jennifer Jones was the ASM and as always my wonderful associate director and Producer Adam Blanshay was schmoozing and rubbing elbows with Montreal's top generous supporters of the Arts. We will be returning to Montreal in January 2009 for a two week run, so look out for us then. Check out as always for up to date show schedules.