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20 korr 2007

We have a Stage Manager!! Introducing Ivonne Herrera!

Well, after much networking and posting it was through the generous referral of Roy Arias from Arias Studios (300 West 43rd - lots of great rental units available for rehearsals in midtown) that we have found Ivonne Herrera and she is awesome and it's going to be great! Tickets for the show, by the way, go on sale today! Friday July 20th!! There are only 74 seats in the theater so get them sooner than later! for tickets or call 212-279-4488.

Monday we go into music rehearsals. Just me and Steph. She's taught herself the accordion, so you also might see us in the NYC subway or in the parks. Be generous with your donations....:) Look out for our podcast on coming out August 3rd. We're doing one next week with too. Okay, that's enough for today...except...ya...Jake Langley (my unbelievably talented husband) will be playing guitar in the show!! I am so excited about that!

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