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27 qer 2007

Introducing Stephanie Layton and Sarah Algren!

Okay, the votes are cast and the lovely and very talented Stephanie Layton will be playing with me on stage at the FringeNYC in Piaf: Love Conquers All! You were great Stephanie, so thrilled to have you with us!

Also, I want to announce that my new ACR (Authorized Company Representative) for the FringeNYC is the fabulous and beautiful, not to mention intelligent - Sarah Algren! And she's Swedish!! Thanks Sarah for all your help Sunday and welcome aboard!

On June 15th 2007 I was asked to go to the CBC Radio studiosin New York to do an interview with Gian Gomeshi and discuss the new Piaf movie "La Vie En Rose". They have made a Podcast of it! Check it out. I'm not sure how long it's going to be on there. Cut and paste this URL into your address bar.

Happy listening!

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